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Giftbox #1 with 4 different Aleppo soaps from FIN Igrana

  • Olive oil soap (95g), made of 100% olive oil.
  • Olive & laurel oil soap (100g), made of 24% laurel oil.
  • Terra Rossa scrub soap (110g), made of 66% olive oil, 4% laurel oil and 30% fine, red clay. The red clay contains trace minerals and minerals, soothes irritation and removes excess body fat.
  • Olive & lavander oil (100g), made with lavander essential oil.

The way to apply the soap is to leave the foam on the skin and rinse it with water.

Free of animal or chemical additives, bleaching agents, preservatives or artificial fragnances and foaming agents, this pH.neutral natural soap is suitable for everyone. It is a vegan natural product.

  • Aleppo Soap 100% Olive oil
    Ingredients: saponified olive oil, vegetable glycerin, water, saponified wheat germ oil.
  • Olive & 24% Laurel oil
    Ingredients: saponified olive oil, saponified laurel oil, pure vegetable glycerin, water.

  • Terra Rosa
    Ingredients: saponified olive oil, pure vegetable glycerin, red clay, water, saponified laurel oil, unsaponified laurel oil.

  • Olive & Lavander oil, in a wooden slipcase.
    Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, pure vegetable glycerin, water, oleum lavandula, linalool.

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