Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the bags looking yellow?

The Afghan leather we use is vegetable tanned leather. So its default color is in a range from white to yellow, sometimes pinkish. When exposed to light the leather darkens into a (red-)brown with a pomegranate touch.

How to take care of the leather?

Just use some simple leather fat or olive oil.
Greasing the leather fastens the natural darkening process and makes the leather less sensitive to external influences such as rain, stains, etc. Olive oil darkens a bit more than simple leather fat.

Do you have children at work?

No! As we visit our producers regularly or deal with existing NGOs we assessed previously. We can be absolutely sure that no child labor is involved.

Where can I see the bags?

We have a showroom in Berlin and you are most welcome to visit us. You can also come over for our monthly open-house events. Our German newsletter will inform you about the when and where. On our website we also the list of shops that sell our products Europe-wide.