Gundara is fair

What is fair about Gundara products?

Gundara builds on long-term and reliable trade relations which give the producers planning security and the possibility to make investments. Gundara’s fair trade is not simply limited to buying produced goods, but is eager to build a trade partnership at eye level. This helps to realize employees’ rights and the development of knowledge, expertise and resources in the local communities and is an important base for an independent living.

Buying directly from producers: Gundara aims at keeping the value chain as short as possible. 90% of our products come directly from the producers (small manufactures and social cooperatives) in developing countries. Like this the producers can make the highest possible profit.

Our producers get a guaranteed minimum price, independent of fluctuations on the world market.

With our public relations we create awareness of unfair trade relations and for the power of changing unfair production and trade conditions through informed choices when shopping. We sensitize our clients for a more fair world trade.

No child labor: We do not accept kids under 13 to be working and we do not accept forced labor.

Social standards: Through its cooperation with partners in developing countries Gundara promotes the voluntary and independent organization of producers (e.g. in trade unions) and fair trade conditions.

Environmental standards: Gundara promotes the processing of natural materials such as leather (particularly naturally tanned), wool, silk etc. We care about what happens to the alkalis from the tanning process and check whether they are disposed properly. We use only used packaging and do almost all transports within Berlin by bike. We use electricity from alternative energy sources (hydro, solar and wind) exclusively.

Thanks for supporting the Gundara cause!