der Laden in Berlin und der Onlineshop sind am 31.10.2017 wieder offen
The store in Berlin and the online shop are opening again on 31.10.2017

le magasin de Berlin et celui sur Internet seront ouverts de nouveau le 31.10.2017

Gundara's Reachability

You can reach us via email and phone (+49 30 60 26 35 37) on workdays between 12.00 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

Our Concept Store in Berlin (Schlesische Str. 25) is now open!!!

Come to see our nice natural cosmetics with argan oil, Moroccan leather slippers (babouche), leather bags from Afghanistan, Burkina Faso an Zambia, Tuareg jewelry from Niger and many more fine and handmade products from developing countries.

Best, Jean and Gunda Amat Amoros

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