The Leather Gundara Uses

The Leather's Origin

All  natural leathers used by Gundara are produced and naturally tanned (without adding any chemicals, e.g. chrome) in Afghanistan. The colored sheep leathers are from Pakistan.

Gundara mostly uses natural colored goat leather.  The goat leather is produced and tanned in Balkh province (Northern Afghanistan) around the town of Khulm. All colored bags are made from sheep leather that is imported from Pakistan.

The Leather's Color

When the bags are new, the natural leather color is quite light. The leather tans with time, as it is exposed to sunlight. As time goes along the leather gets darker and softer. To facilitate this process one can e.g. use plain saddle polish.  Finally, the leather gets a nice pomegranate color. This is a proof of quality. The exposure to sunlight will provide a quicker pomegranate touch to the leather.

The Leather's Smell

No chemically tanned goat leather is used by Gundara. Therefore the leather has a certain natural smell when it is new. This smell goes away fairly quickly. It is enough to air the bag in a room or under dry conditions outside e.g. on the bacony.