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Aleppo Hair soap with Citronella oil

Special Aleppo soap for gentle cleansing of hair and scalp: In addition to the traditional ingredients olive and laurel oil, this hair soap is additionally enriched with the oils of coconut, almond and wheat germ. The citronella oil (lemongrass oil) strengthens the hair from the root to the hair tips and gives it a subtle fruity note.

  • Pure natural soap for cleansing the hair and scalp - suitable for all hair types
  • Protects the protective layer of the skin and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Also usable as shaving soap
  • vegan
  • Made in Turkey

Free from animal or chemical additives, bleaches, preservatives or artificial fragrances and frothing agents, this pH-neutral natural soap is suitable for everyone. It is a vegan natural product, made of olive oil and laurel oil. Depending on the hair type, a final rinse with an "acid rinse" can be used if necessary. This is easily produced by mixing half a liter of water with lemon juice. The "acid solution" remains in the hair and is not rinsed out. Of course, Aleppo hair soap can also be used for cleansing and care of the whole body.

Ingredients: olive oil, laurel oil, citronella oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, water, sodium hydroxide.

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