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Royal Oud & Amber Soap - Exclusive Soap by Ottoman

Ottoman - Oud and Amber Soap - exclusive soap from Turkey

Gundara is offering you here an exclusive Royal Oud & Amber Soap by Ottoman (150g)

The use of this extraordinary soap was only reserved for the ruling families in the Middle East. It is really something special! It is composed of variety of high-quality oils and spreads through the addition of oud, amber, incense, jasmine and saffron a sensual fragrance. Indulge your skin in this royal luxury. With its amazing oriental smell it sends greetings from thousand and one nights.

Amber is a dark grey stone (ambre gris or "grey amber") which is excreted by sperm whales. By contact with light and oxygen it changes its consistency and starts to develop the typical scent. Amber is known and used since ancient times as a remedy and aphrodisiac. For a long time amber was reserved for kings and knights.

Oud (agarwood) is an extremely rare and precious wood from Asia. The wood is very precious when it is attacked by a fungus and in response, the most expensive essential oil of the world develops. The more the fungal infection is advanced, the higher the quality, of the resulting oil. In ancient times kings used oud as a perfume for clothes, hair, beards and as a nice room smell. In the Arab world, it is mainly used for scenting hair and beards, and as an aftershave.

Ingredients: Olive oil, bay oil, coconut oil, almond oil, palm oil, castor oil, (12% fragrance mix ambergris, oudh, incense, jasmine and saffron)

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