Bag Producer Eden Gelan

Fair Trade Leather Bags from Addis Ababa

Our producer Eden Gelan was a consultant in the leather sector, before she started her own company in September 2015. The idea was to provide jobs for rehabilitated youth from centers and empower them to stand on their own and reach their goals. At the same time Eden wanted to introduce Ethiopian leather products to international markets. As a consultant Eden spent time in tanneries and manufacturing companies. Earlier she had worked in the handicraft sphere with marginalized people. Currently, Eden is employing 10 people and hoping to increase to 20 in the coming year. Most designs are created by Eden’s friends. Eden employs 5 former street children and one former sex worker. Eden sources the leather from different tanneries in and around Addis Ababa. Eden Gelan - leather bag producer - Ethiopia - genuine leather from Addis