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big traveller with Pauline Liebart - photo Ulrika Walmark
Gundara - Traveller Classic Medium - genuine leather - made in Afghanistan
small travel bag - genuine leather - Gundara
toffee colour leather travel bag from Zambia handmade with love and fairness
J&H Bag
Brown leather travel bag from Zambia
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A big natural leather travel bag - Gundara - Photo Ulrika Walmark

Traveller Classic - Handmade Natural Leather Travel Bag

Traveller Classic is a classical travel bag! Made of natural leather, it is closed with a zipper as well as four straps and buckles. It has two handles. Due to the organic way this leather was processed, the bag gets tanned if exposed to light, as you can see on the pictures. You are ready to travel!

This leather bag is handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan. The leather darkens nicely with the time and becomes softer which is a sign of quality.

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