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Nice dark grey patu - fair trade from Pakistan - handwoven

Nice Dark Grey Patu - Plaid with Tribal Pattern

A very nice grey patu. This plaid was handwoven in Pakistan.

This patu is a traditional Afghan / Pakistani shawl / plaid to warm you up during winter while sitting on your sofa, or hiking the Afghan mountains. This plaid is called patu in Afghanistan. It can be easily turned into a throw, plaid or a (baby) blanket. Traditionally it is  worn by men. In the summer one can use this plaid for picknicks. If one has a baby or kid, it is a perfect baby or kid's blanket.

The patu is washable (cold washing cycle in the washing machine) and it is made from pure wool. Our throws are available in a variety of tones...

You will be amazed how quickly this plaid warms you up! Give it a try!

This plaid was produced in Islampur, Swat, Pakistan.

Please note that this plaid is not a standard product, edging and sizes may vary slightly.

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