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Wrap your Baby in a Patu to keep it Warm and Cosy

Gundara - patu - winter friend - 100% wool - baby blanket - from PakistanPatus are hand-woven wool plaids or light blankets, in our case, from Swat valley in Western Pakistan. In South Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan or North India) patus are the alternative to a winter jacket.

Patus are woven on wooden looms. Weaving skills are passed on from generation to generation. The tribal pattern along the edges reveals where the patu comes from. Those colorful patterns can only be created under the culmination of years of practice. Patus are handcrafted with care, one thread at a time.

A patu keeps you warm during winter evenings. Alternatively, patus can be great for picknicks and for wrapping your baby in it.

patu from PakistanGundara - Patu - Winterfriend - 100% Wool

Midwives advice the wrapping of babies in blankets, as it keeps them warm in the winter and it recreates the feeling of cosiness that they still remember from their mother's belly. This has a calming impact on the baby.

Gundara - PatuGundara - Patu - Plaid - 100% Wool from Pakistan

 The baby is tightly wrapped into the blanket (patu). Patus are especially suitable for this technique. Through the wrapping the baby is limited in its movements. Uncontrolled movements are therefore prevented. The tightness gives the baby a feeling of well taken care of and calms the baby down. The baby can therefore easily fall asleep.