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Afghan Patu - Traditional Throw or Woollen Blanket

This patu is a traditional Afghan / Pakistani shawl / plaid to warm you up during winter while sitting on your sofa, or hiking the Afghan mountains when it is -20°C... Called patu in Afghanistan, it can be easily turned into a throw, plaid or a (baby) blanket. Traditionally worn by men, let's call it a winter coat, it is wide enough to hide a kalashnikov, or close enough to ground color to hide from helicopters. In the summer one can use this plaid for picknicks. If one has a baby or kid, it is a perfect baby or kid's blanket.

The patu is of course machine washable and it is made from pure wool. Our throws are available in a variety of tones, white, grey, brown and green...

You will be amazed how quickly this plaid warms you up! Give it a try!

This plaid was produced in Islampur, Swat, Pakistan.

Please note that this plaid is not a standard product, edging and sizes may slightly vary betw. 240 cm to 265 by 125 to 140 cm. The side pattern of the plaid might vary as well in width, shape and color, but should always be a stripe, about 5 cm width maximum.

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