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Small Messenger Bag Otto - Real Leather Unisex Shoulder Bag

The messenger bag Otto is the little brother of Anwarjan, one of our first bags, back in 2009. As some clients told us that they were surprised by the large dimensions of Anwarjan, we decided to create a smaller version of it. Inside the bag has a separation. It is magnet-closed. The main body of the bag is made from naturally-tanned goat leather. The sides, leather strap and closing strap nicely frame the bag, as they are made from soft black sheep leather.

The shoulder belt is adjustable. Otto has a very nice format. A4 fits inside. 

As always, Gundara used naturally tanned goat leather produced in Afghanistan and black sheep black leather from Pakistan. The bag was produced in our manufacture in Kabul, Afghanistan. The goat leather tans nicely withthe time and becomes softer which are signs of the quality of the leather. 

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