Unique & Fair Products Directly from Asia & Africa

Do you know the feeling of wandering through the bazaar of Kabul, Peshawar, Mumbai, Kampala, Nouakchott, Ouagadougou or Marakech and thinking: "Wow there are so many unique products here that I would also like to have in my home. With the purchase of these I would really like to support the local craftswomen and men and more people should know about this!" Gundara connects you to these unique products. Gundara is cooperating with talented artisans in post-conflict and emerging economies such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Morocco, etc. We take our customers on a world trip and offer access to unique products that are equally of high-quality since 2009. With our organizational support, our partner craftswomen and men can focus solely on creating the best and most unique products. We take care of quality control and getting the products to you.

We, from Gundara, have a passion for discovering well- and mostly hand-made unique articles that one can usually only find in small factories and stores discovered off the beaten path while travelling. We are bringing these unique products to you, while telling you the story behind. We strongly believe that through our work we support truly sustainable economic development.

The Gundara Approach

Gundara believes that supporting individual craftswomen and men and small businesses through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives. At the same time we strive to introduce you to the fascinating beauty and authenticity of goods produced in traditional ways. We do not create entirely new businesses, but instead work with existing manufactures with artisans at different levels. Some of our artisans have well-designed and high-quality products but simply lack market access. Others have a good product idea that needs enhancement and quality control. We also provide design and production assistance. Gundara creates long-term relationships with its partner artisans. Having worked in post-conflict countries and emerging economies for almost 10 years, we know that real change and long-term economic growth is only achieved by adding value within these societies, helping to bring more of the value chain back to the people instead of simply exporting raw products. We do not want to be a force for empowerment, not victimization and pity.

Our beautiful Gundara crafts allow you to travel in your mind to hidden and far away places. Their authenticity is unparalleled. Each handmade piece is uniquely linked to the individual craftswomen or man who made them. Buy beautiful and high quality products for your home and as gifts, and feel great about buying and giving an income to these artisans. The crafts industry provides the opportunity for the millions of underprivileged to own their own successful business. Our artisans often did not receive any formal training, but learned their craft from family members. Knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. As the demand for handmade and unique craft products is growing, there is hope that our artisans will be able to afford formal education for their children.

Gundara's Fair Trade Principles

Gundara works directly with its partners to ensure that artisans receive as much value from the final sale price as possible. Our goal is that the entire value-adding chain takes place in our partner countries themselves. We help to develop market channels and skills. Gundara purchases the products from the artisans at their asking price. The final retail price covers the cost of getting the product to the international market (transport and customs, storing, packaging, marketing, customer service, sales and shipping). Gundara profits are reinvested to help our partners to grow their businesses, to help with sourcing new products and to develop new artisan networks and channels.

How it all started...

Gundara started in the leather bag factory of Mr. Yaqub in Kabul in 2007. We (Jean and Gunda Amat Amoros) saw that Mr. Yaqub was producing nice leather articles upon demand, but was not selling much locally and not at all abroad. After having ordered about 10 leather bags, we decided to try selling these to friends and family. We were astonished by the positive feedback and felt encouraged to continue. Jean then had the idea to create an online shop, which we opened in the summer of 2009. It was then that we decided to focus on bringing new artisans to the international market. In the summer of 2015 we are now planning to open a real shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Schlesische Str.).

Gundara's Business Model

Gundara believes that supporting small businesses and creating market access through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives.
 We have created a model where our partner artisans, craft businesses and organizations focus on creating the best and most unique products, while we take care of getting the products to the international market. Through our global network we identify artisans in post-conflict and emerging economies. We partner with them in various ways, depending on their individual needs.

To contact Gundara in Berlin please call +49-30-60263537 or use the contact form.