Dark Red Tekke Bokhara Rug

The design of this rug is made of a central field with two columns of eight Tekke gul divided by columns of minor gul. Surrounded by three borders, of which two consist of large hooked flower heads. At each end is a geometrical border of diamond patterns.  
In Bokhara Turkmen rugs and carpets, dark red is the dominant background color. Soft and velvety wool, with a very dense, hand-knotted pile.

Tekke is the name of the most important Turkmen tribe, and its gul, flower or embroidery in English. It is enclosed by an octagon called elephant foot. The tekke patterns lie on the intersection of lines structuring columns and rows of the carpet's central field. On original Tekke rugs, those lines are visible from one elephant foot pattern to another. Elephant foot patterns are divided in quarters by those lines. The center is filled with a diamond shape and marks the actual point of intersection. The diagonally opposite quarters are colored alike and in contrast with the alternating quarters.
Around the central pattern on this rug, the red sticking out parts are bird heads and their crown.

Bokhara is a common term to describe Tekke-faced rugs. Tekke was a tribe from the area of Bokhara in Central Asia. The design is dominated by rows of guls and surrounding geometric patterns.
Bokhara designs have been woven in Pakistan since the mid 1940s. The gul design which dominates these pieces is a traditional motif used for centuries by Turkmen tribes.
Pakistani Bokharas are typically modern Tekke-face rugs made in Pakistan. Pakistani Bokhara has a very soft and thick pile. Sometimes the pile is intentionally left significantly longer, called double pile, resulting in extra thickness and depth, although it makes the pattern less clear.

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