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handmade babouche with camel sole

Babouche - Handmade Leather Slippers for Women

Babouche are handmade Maroccan genuine leather shoes, that we recommend to you as slippers for the house. The soft sheep leather of these Moroccan slippers (Babouche) adapts to the shape of your foot in a very comfortable way.

Gundara imports the Babouche directly from the producer (Mr. Saidi) in Marrakech. The nice thing about purchasing Babouche through Gundara is that through this direct way of production as much money as possible stays with the local artisans themselves and it is not lost through numerous middlemen. The entire value chain takes place in Morocco. The leather is tanned there, dyed if needed and then the shoemaker makes these nice oriental genuine leather slippers out of the soft sheep leather.

Babouche are a nice present for good friends, so that they keep warm feet at home!

Our babouches are handmade in Marrakech.




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