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Tapir - leather balm - colorless - 200ml
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Leather Impregnation with Pump Sprayer

Tapir - impregnation pump spray - suede leather care - water-repellent

The natural Tapir waterproofing leather impregnation for suede, nubuck etc. is highly water repellent and has a slightly cleansing effect.
Clean the dirty shoes, bag etc. before spraying with water and possibly a mild vegetable soap. After drying the leather spray the waterproofing at a distance of about 20-30 cm onto the leather. The spray is not always uniform and forms droplets. Brush these droplets off immediately with a small tapir application brush or spread them with the Tapir polishing brush evenly on the leather and let it dry for a short time.

NOTE: A slight darkening of the leather is possible, therefore, make a color sample with sensitive leather before applying.

INGREDIENTS: lanolin, vegetable stearin, natural solvents, ammonia, water .

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