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Beautiful Lapislazuli Pendant in Silver Fitting from Afghanistan

Gundara is offering you here a beautiful lapislazuli pendant in the typical flashy blue. Blue is the color of hope and in Central and South Asia is is believed to keep the evil eye away. Nice present for yourself or a good friend. The precious stone project was started in 2010. Six training centers were established to train people in the production of gemstone jewelry. 1,000 people were trained. But as the skills were often passed on to many more people. About 4,000 new jobs have been created within this project. The producers are organized in small associations (2-5 people). The members pay part of the maintenance costs of the facility (e.g. a fee for using the machineries). 30%-40% of the producers are women. From 2012-2013 their income could be increased by about 50%. Each association makes about 2,000 USD per year which is a good income in Afghanistan. The associations are situated in Northern Afghanistan in the provinces if Balkh, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan.

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