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Tuareg Earrings Cross of Ingal - Silver & Blue Glass

Touareg Design Earrings

Gundara is offering you here beautiful handcrafted Tuareg silver earrings with blue glass handmade by Tuareg craftsmen in Niger. The blue glass shines beautifully, if you hold it against the light. The cross of Ingal is the symbol of the Tuareg tribe Ingal. In Niger each of the 21 tribes has its own cross as a symbol. These crosses one can also find burned into the saddles for the camels of the Tuareg.

Further the earrings show the trade routes of the Tuareg with the three resting points in Agadez, Zender and Bilma that form a triangle.

The part under the hook shows the sand dunes of the desert.

Handmade by Tuareg in Niger, fair trade and available on Gundara




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Tuareg-Ohrringe Kreuz von Ingal