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Vintage Herati Baluch Yellow and Red Rug With Deers

This kind of Baluch kelim comes from Herat, in the West of Afghanistan. The map, the layout of the rug, is probably 50 years old, but this rug is only 20 years old. It was probably woven in the mountains towards the Turkmenistan's border.

This rug is has been repaired a countless number of times and it is still full of charm. See the photos for more details.

One can see deers in the middle and extremities. An animal of choice for hunters, specially for the king. These shapes made of small small triangles and squares are very common in ancient kelim and are used in Herati and Baluch kelims as a main element. On the sides, one can see those red royal crowns, and the two similar elements on the top are possibly eagles. On the outer side of the crowns is a special symbol of kingdom, like an armory, long metal stick with three racks.

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