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Brick-Yellow Susani


This Brick-Yellow Suzani Runner is a very nice embroidered Afghan rug that you should not miss out on! It is one of the 5 carpets of that color range that we could ever find. A rare piece in Kabul!

Suzani (or Souzani) comes from the Persian word for "needle", and the word refers to embroidery, embroidered carpets, hangings or fabric coverings. The birthplace of suzani is in what is now Uzbekistan, the area along the Silk Roads that interconnected the cultures of Europe, Turkey and China with the Muslim world.
Suzani Kilims or Gelim are pile-less flat-weave carpets. Historically, this kind of carpet appeared about a thousand years before pile carpets. Vivid colors as well as many patterns remained unchanged over centuries. They usually consist of simple geometric elements. This type of Kilim is embroidered with raised figures after the base Kilim has been woven.

This Suzani from northern Afghanistan is a pure wool rug. Check out the options and see other Olami suzani with different colors and sizes. It is embroidered with wool on a cotton fabric according to the above mentioned traditional techniques. The pattern is called Olami because that is an Olam Turkmen tribe pattern.

This rug is handmade in Afghanistan, by Afghan women. Traditionally, women are the rug producers and create rugs for their everyday use. Socially, rug weaving is an important skill for the women, since their eligibility for marriage is judged by their carpet weaving skills.

With the purchase of this product you support the bread winning initiative of Afghan women in a fair and direct way. Help Afghanistan! Buy Afghan! This Afghan carpet was purchased in Kabul.

Gundara and its Afghan partners thank you for your interest.

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