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Antiqe Souzani - Wall Hanging Handmade in Tajikistan

Gundara's souzani come from Tajikistan. This beautiful souzani is a very decorative wall hanging. The word suzani/ souzani comes from the Tajik or Persian word for “needle”. Souzani used to be handmade by the women of the family as part of the dowry when a young women would get married.Souzani were used as wall hangings or to cover the "kurpacha" (mattresses that people sit and sleep on).

This souzani comes from the region of Penjikent, today at the Tajik-Uzbek border. This suzani has been dry-cleaned.

It is a unique antique piece, about 60 years old. The embroidery was handmade. 107x86cm

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107 × 86 × 0 cm