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Tuareg Silver Earrings Tiro - Fair and Handmade Jewelry directly from Niger

Tuareg silver earrings - fairtrade and handmade from Tuareg in Niger - Gundara

Fair and handmade Tuareg silver earrings from Niger

The central motif of the earrings (98% pure silver) is a dune surrounded by the centipede's trail. This track can also be found at the edge of the trailer.

Around the central dune, triangles bounded by the trail of caravans in the sand symbolise the map of the Tuareg route between Zender, Agadez and Bilma.

In the corners of the trailers the other four humps are also dunes. The hatched areas symbolize the waves generated by the wind in the sand.

Silver is 98% pure.

These fine and handmade silver earrings tell the stories of the Tuareg and are full of symbolism.
Handmade by Tuareg the Kel Tamaschek in Niger



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