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Tuareg Silver Earrings Tabreia - Ebony and pure Silver - Handmade in Niger

Handmade silver Tuareg earrings - fair trade from Niger - traditional Tuerag jewelry - Gundara

Fancy Tuareg earrings, solid silver, handmade in Niger

Beautiful fair trade Tuareg silver earrings Tabreia made of silver and ebony, fair handwork from Niger

Other Features of Silver Earrings

The shape of the earrings is based on the Tuareg tappet with which the Tuareg crush the millet. These handmade earrings convince by their simple but very elegant design. The earrings consist of a silver body (98% silver) with small ebony inlays. This design creates beautiful contrasts on the earrings. These outstanding earrings are a great present for a good friend. The designs and stories of this ear jewellery are passed on by the Tuareg from generation to generation. Thus, the art of silversmithing is a kind of storytelling.
The horizontal lines on the ear studs represent a Tuareg caravan route. The shape above the ebony of the earrings, called Azmam, is in the form of pearls on a Tuareg necklace.

Materials used for the Earrings:

  •     The silver of these earrings is 98% pure.
  •     The ebony is recycled.

Fairtrade Approach to Gundara's Ear Jewellery

We purchase the earrings directly from the Tuareg artisans and can thus guarantee that the production and trade conditions are fair. No money is lost to middlemen. As much of the profit as possible will remain with the silversmiths of the Ataher family in Agadez.



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