Gundara DHL Paketshop

It has been 3 years already that we run this DHL Paketshop.

We provide the following products / services:

  • Deutsche Post stamps
  • DHL shipment labels for within Germany
  • Sending DHL parcels, returns, anything you like, anywhere on earth as long as you already have a DHL shipment label for it. If you have a QR code, we may as well print your DHL shipment labels
  • Adress your DHL parcels to us (your name, c/o Gundara, Schlesische Str. 25, 10997 Berlin) and pick them up.
  • Pickup your undelivered parcel in case you live in the area.

Rules of engagement:

  • All post/DHL products need to be paid in cash.
  • To pick-up a parcel, you need your ID (Perso or passport). A pick-up card is not needed. Please do not wait for it to come. Of course, if you pick-up a parcel for your friend, partner, family member, etc... you need provide a written authorisation. It can be written on any paper with the same info as on this file. that you can download directly from the DHL website.