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Handwoven wool blankets and cotton bed covers from Pakistan and Burkina Faso

At Gundara, we offer you beautiful handwoven pure wool blankets made in Pakistan and cotton bed covers made in Burkina Faso.

Patu - handwoven wool blankets from Pakistan

Patu are wool blankets which men often wear as winter jacket replacement in Pakistan and Afganistan. Our Patu are coming from the Weber Cooperative ICIA in Islampur, Swat-Tal in West Pakistan. Patu-Plaids are wooven mainly from sheep´s wool, but also may contain goat and camel hair. These plaids are a completely natural product and therefore they keep the warmth much better than synthetic blankets. You will be surprised and amazed how quickly our Patu gets warm! Whether you use it in the evening on the sofa, on the balcony, at the picnic or wherever you decide to cuddle up, Patu will keep you warm. Our Patu wool blankets are available in natural tones such as beige, brown and khaki which are decorated along the edges with beautiful colored border lines in different colours: Sometimes the wool plaids have border lines in pleasant earth tones and sometimes in bright colours. Sometimes the border lines are wider, sometimes narrower, sometimes the lines are wavy and sometimes in shape of diamond. The edges of Patu are decorated with nice fringes. Since all Patu-Plaids are woven by hand, the dimensions may vary slightly. Last but not least, Gundara´s blankets are great for children as well, whether as a cover or for building a cave! If at home everyone has their own Patu, there won´t be any fights.

Handwoven cotton bed covers from Burkina Faso

Gundara´s natural cotton bed covers are handwoven in Burkina Faso and fairly traded. These beautiful and large-sized bed covers are made of narrow woven cotton stripes. The colour of stripes can vary from white to light yellow. These covers are handmade and the dimensions may vary slightly. The cotton is produced in Burkina Faso and processed there directly. Gundara´s cotton bed covers are produced by local artisans from Burkina Faso. This way, the manufacturers get as much profit as possible, because the product has been fully produced in Burkina Faso. By purchasing, you help and support local artisan´s perspective.

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